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CEO Message

SIMJI Co., Ltd. has been a pioneering companion to the hair design industry, and our innovative technology has allowed us the recognition as the leading enterprise in our field.

With the launch of the “Ok Perm” in 1999, SIMJI Co., Ltd.’s technological advances have continued to supply the global cosmetics community with new and innovative products.

Our inventions include “0 minute relaxation” in 2000, “5 minute permanent” in 2005, and “non-stop dye and perm” in 2007.

In 2008, we developed the “non-relaxation volume-magic perm and straight perm” technique, and in 2009 we continued to lead the industry with the launch of “efu PERM rods” that create professional looking perms with layman’s ease.

SIMJI Co., Ltd. is neither a follower nor an imitator.

We will not cease our efforts to continue our mission as a creator and an innovator, and to expand the horizon of hair design technology.

And we will always serve the hair design industry with integrity, passion and devotion. God bless you all.

CEO Choong-sik, Shim

SIMJI Bldg 1st, 497-1, Jungni-Dong, Daedeok-Gu, Daejeon 306-826, KOREA
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